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  • Seeking Lawns to Sheet-mulch. This fall Kathy Kramer wil be running “Mow no Mo’! – or How to Sheet Mulch Your Lawn Away” workshops in Oakland/Piedmont/Berkeley; Livermore; and Antioch, and they are looking for folks who would like to have their lawns sheet mulched away. The homeowner would provide the materials (cardboard, wood chips, soil amendment) and I would provide labor; between 20 and 30 people, who would be at the garden for about 3 to 4 hours. (About two hours of that they would be working; the rest would be talking time.) The lawn should be on the largish side – like at least 1,500 square feet, so there is room for folks to move. It would be preferable if the homeowner planned to put in 60% or more natives, and was interested in offering the garden for an upcoming Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour. It would be heavenly if the planting plan had been designed by the time of the event, so that workshop participants could find out what was going to be installed, and the homeowner knew what she/he was going to do after the lawn was gone. Please e-mail or call (510) 236-9558 if need additional information. [posted: Jul 21 2013]
  • Contra Costa Green Building Award. Introducing the first annual Contra Costa Green Building Awards! Sustainable Contra Costa is pleased to recognize the architects, builders, and owners of green buildings in Contra Costa County with the formation of the first annual Green Building Awards. The Green Building award winners will be evaluated by an independent panel of distinguished green and sustainable building professionals. The Green Building Awards will be presented at the annual Sustainable Contra Costa Leadership in Sustainability Awards Gala. Nominations must be received by July 31st, 2013. [posted: May 31 2013]
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