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Native Gardens Save Water and Offer Many Benefits

California just got some relieve from four year of drought with an almost normal rainy season. However we are not out of the woods yet. Water conservation is still on every body’s mind. Many people have told me that they use a bucket to catch the cold water from the shower instead of letting it []

Is This A Good Time To Buy A Rooftop Solar PV System

If you have thought about owning a solar PV system to cut your energy bill, this may be a great time to take action. Just after the real estate bust in 2008, residential rooftop solar PV systems purchases started to lose ground to leasing arrangements. It didn’t take long for solar leasing to account for []

Planning A Landscape With Drought Tolerant Plants

I have always wanted to redo my own landscape using California native plants and to reduce water usage. The recent 4-year drought here made me look harder into what type of plants to use. Very low watering need is most critical. I also want to avoid using chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide. For an aesthetic []

Air Sealing For Healthy Living

Air sealing is often associated with improving the energy efficiency of heating and cooling system. But there are other even more important benefits. Many of the cracks and gaps that let outside air in a house are located at the joints in the ceiling to the attic or on the floor over the crawlspace. That []

Radon Risk? You Don’t Know Until You Test

Author: Henry Slack, EPAMy neighbors Pete and Beth (not their real names) met while in their twenties, and got married. A great couple. Had two beautiful girls, who grew up in no time at all – field trips and soccer, high school sports, college, adventures abroad. A strong couple, who helped lead the PTA, the []

How Do You Test If Your Firewood Is Ready To Burn

A simple moisture meter to test the moisture content in firewood. To get the most heat and least amount of pollutants from firewood, it is best to use dry wood. There are four simple steps to drying firewood: split, stack, cover, store. Firewood should be seasoned for at least six months before burning – hard []

Keep Your Firewood Burning Hot, But Not Smoking

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves are popular for they provide heat and create ambiance. Wood burning fireplaces and stoves are popular. They not only provide heating but they also create a cozy ambience that most people enjoy. However, it is important to use the right firewood and to use them right to maximize the heating []

Save Energy While Watching Your Favorite Shows

If you plan to upgrade your entertainment system after remodeling your home, be sure to choose EPA Energy Star cable box, modem, TV monitors and routers. Each of these units saves 30 watts or more than non Energy Star models. Streaming over internet is getting more and more popular. One of the advantages of streaming []