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October 10, 2012
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How to Choose an Advanced Water Heater
by Larry Weingarten, General Contractor and Water Heater Expert Choosing a water heater is getting to be a little more complicated than in the old days, but it's worth it because the right ... more
Choosing A Whole-House Ventilation System
Quiet, automatically controlled, continuous operation fans are best by Judy Roberson, Senior Research Associate, LBL Increasingly, because of either code changes or customer demand, builders are having ... more
Home Performance Series from CEC
Air Sealing and Insulating Crawl Spaces ... more
Truths and Myths of Wool Carpet
I have previously written why I like wool carpets. Here are some more thoughts on common misconception. MYTH: Wool carpet stains easily. TRUTH: Because of its unique molecular structure as ... more
Are Your Clothes Really Clean After Laundry
You would expect that laundered clothes would be squeaky clean. Wait... Energy-wise people and many manufacturers often advocate using cold water to launder clothes. But this is an area where ... more
How I Came To Love Wool Carpet
Here is a microscopic picture of a wool fiber. The burrs keep it from staining and keep it looking beautiful for 25 years. As a designer I love it for how it feels in a home. It actually creates ... more
From Sustainability To Creativity
On one beautiful day this summer, I was taking a leisurely walk with friends on Market Street in San Francisco. Music was coming from a group of people at the middle of the sidewalk and drawing ... more
Energy Efficiency Companies Keep Innovating
15 startup companies pitched their energy saving and management innovations at the PG&E hosted Emerging Technology Open Forum on July 24, 2012. I found three of them particularly interesting and useful ... more
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Designing Native Gardens for Color Throughout the Year
Description: "Mow no mo"! or "How to remove your lawn, select native plants, and design a water-conserving, pesticide-free garden that ...
Date: October 20, 2012
Location: Lafayette and Concord gardens ... more
Gardening with Nature in Mind
Description: Join renowned environmental educator Judy Adler in this in-depth tour of her half-acre Walnut Creek garden. Judy's suburban ...
Date: October 27, 2012
Location: Walnut Creek ... more
A Holistic Approach to Making a Home Healthier, More Comfortable and Energy Efficient
Description: Come join Green Remodel Forum for a presentation of many common but often overlooked problems that cause homes to be less ...
Date: November 1, 2012
Location: San Ramon Library - 100 Montgomery Street, San Ramon, CA ... more
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