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Health Tips for Interior House Painting
Everyone is aware of the new paint smell, which is caused by the vapor as the paints/stains dries. The vapor may contain gases, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds), known to be highly harmful ... more
A Green Bathroom Remodel Brings Many Benefits
Bathrooms are the second most heavily used rooms in the house, with the first being the kitchen. The wear and tear in bathrooms necessitate repair or remodel. As the economy recovers, albeit slowly, ... more
Get Your Air Duct In Line
When I was learning about energy efficiency, I saw many photos, slides and videos of leaky and crushed ducts. Many home performance contractors also said that it is common that ducts in homes are ... more
How to Choose an Advanced Water Heater
by Larry Weingarten, General Contractor and Water Heater Expert Choosing a water heater is getting to be a little more complicated than in the old days, but it's worth it because the right ... more
Air Distribution System - Home Performance Series from CEC
Evaluating Airflow and Room Air Delivery ... more
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Seasonal Vegetable Gardening using a Bio-Intensive Approach
Description: Presented by Contra Costa Master Gardener Janet Miller. Janet will guide the audience through the process of creating ...
Date: March 14, 2013
Location: San Ramon Library, 100 Montgomery St., San Ramon, CA ... more
Gardening with Nature in Mind
Description: Select Tour - Exclusive, Guided Tours of Inspirational Native Plant Gardens, offered in April and May of 2013 $30 per ...
Date: April 6, 2013
Location: Judy Adler's Garden in Walnut Creek ... more
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