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Green Certifications

Many green products carry labels signifying that they conform to or exceed certain standards in energy performance, sustainability or health. Certifications are also awarded to building professionals who pass tests in green building design and construction. Here is a list of the prevelant green related certifications. The product certifications are based on third party testing and validation. These organizations usually offer labels for display with the certified products. In addition, there are organizations testing and assessing products. Two notable ones are Building Green and Healthy Building Network . They do not issue labels but provide detail information about products particularly regarding the health impact. Check the information from these sources while shopping for products or services.

Product Certification
ProgramGoalsApplicable ProductsMore Information
Energy StarComply with EPA’s recommendation to reduce energy usage. Energy Star rated products may be eligible for rebate programsAppliances, lighting
Consortium of Energy Efficency (CEE)Rates products into tiers that exceed Energy Star recommendationAppliances, lighting, HVAC, consumer electronics
National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)Rate and label the energy performanceWindows, doors, skylights, and attachment products
WaterSenseComply with EPA’s recommendation to reduce water usageFaucets, showerheads toilets and other water fixtures, irrigation systems, water softeners
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)Manage forestry operations sustain tree availabilityCabinets, funiture, flooring,windows, doors, framing, roofing
Rediscovered WoodUse reclaimed, recycled or salvaged woodCabinets, funiture, flooring,windows, doors, framing, roofing
Green Label PlusReduce volatile organic compound emissionCarpets, rugs
Green SealReduce volatile organic compound and toxic chemicalsPaints, coatings, cleaning products, and others
GreenguardReduce volatile organic compound emissionInterior products
FloorScoreReduce unhealthy emission indoorsHard surface floorings and flooring adhesives
SCS calCOMPliantReduce unhealthy emission indoorsHardwood plywoods (veneer or composite core), particleboards, medium density fiberboards
SCS Indoor Air QualityReduce unhealthy emission indoorsFurniture and seating
SCS GoldReduce unhealthy emission indoorsA variaty of products and systems that meet the California indoor air quality standard

Service and Performance Certification
ProgramGoalsApplicable ServicesMore Information
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) APEnsure building professionals conform to LEED standards in design and construction of high-performance green homesConstruction
Building Professional Institute (BPI)Ensure building professionals conform to BPI standard in home performance improvementsConstruction
Certified Green Building ProfessionalEnsure building professionals conform to BuilditGreen practice in design, construction and operation of green building, and evaluating, upgrading, remodeling, and retrofitting existing homes (California only)Construction
Certified Green Point RatingRate and certify home performance (after a green remodel) based on a schedule of green points (California only)Residential houses

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