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Kevin Stamm, general contractor based in San Francisco, wanted to apply many of the Passive House techniques to achieve high degree of energy efficiency when he started to renovate his home. While the project is still work in progress, he offered to pass his learnings along. He hosted a tour of his project on March 29, 2015. Read More »
Choosing a water heater is getting to be a little more complicated than in the old days, but it’s worth it because the right choice can save you money. Water heating is a fast changing field. Electric heat pump heaters are getting a lot of attention. Condensing gas tank and tankless heaters are gaining in performance Read More »
Increasingly, because of either code changes or customer demand, builders are having to take a closer look at whether the new, tight houses they build have adequate ventilation. Many builders would like to provide something better than just a few bath exhaust fans but aren’t sure how to design a simple ventilation system Read More »
There are over 100 million homes and approximately 20 billion square feet of clear glass residential windows in the U.S. Most of these homes are more than 30 years old, and as a result, the market is growing for replacement windows with energy efficient insulating glass units (IGUs). High performance options are now readily Read More »
The article was originally published in the Home Energy Magazine and is reproduced here by permission of Danny Parker and Home Energy Magazine. (If a pdf plugin viewer is not installed in your browser, an alternative is to download the article and view it with an external application.) Read More »

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